Who Is Dr. Charles Livingston?

Dr. Charles Livingston – The Real Deal or Fake Phoney?

Author Fat Loss Factor

Dr. Charles Livingston author of Fat Loss Factor

Dr. Charles Livingston is a wellness practitioner and Chiropractic
doctor with his PHD from Palmer College.

He’s the author behind two great books. Fat Loss Factor and Cellulite Factor.
His weight loss series Fat2Fit was known world wide and brought him to stardom in
the beginning.

He is well known for his specialty in nutrition, weight loss and body shape
maintenance. He speaks publicly at seminars and events about your natural
fat burning state and how to get rid of toxins within your body.

His most famous product to date is the Fat Loss Factor.

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Dr. Charles Livingston is author and creator of Fat Loss Factor. Dr. Charles Livingston is currently practicing as a chiropractor. Visit his website for more information.

Dr. Charles Livingston has been helping people for many years. I remembered when I first met him at a live seminar. He was very humble and gave me encouragement.

He introduced me to his book the Fat Loss Factor. At that current time I was over 250 pounds. My family doctor said if I didn’t lose at least 100 pounds I could very well lose my life! I read and reread his book until I was crystal clear on what my game plan would be. It took over 1 year but I dropped 112 pounds.

I realized with the fat loss factor that you need to change more than just your diet or workout routine. It’s a lifestyle change. If you’re lifestyle doesn’t change then all those pounds will just come back. When I say lifestyle I mean choices. Choose better choices in every area of your life. From work, to family, to personal. Better choices equal better lifestyle.

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Charles Livingston M.D.

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